Frequently Asked Questions
What is pre-treatment?
Plastic surfaces are naturally non-polar and not readily wettable. When painting, printing, adhesively joining or applying any kind of coat, this can lead to poor adhesion of the coating material on the surfaces. Poor printing definition, peeling of the paint or lack of adhesion of a joint can be the result. To avoid this the surfaces must be treated prior to coating. There are various options for this: mechanical treatment, such as roughening or sand blasting; chemical treatment, such as washing or the use of bonding agents (primers). These methods require the use of chemicals. The waste products (often hazardous materials) have to be disposed of, which is time-consuming and costly. This is the reason why the physical pre-treatment methods like Corona, Plasma or flame treatment under atmospheric pressure are gaining in significance.  They are cost-effective, can be used in-line, have low operating costs and do not require waste disposal.