Testing ink

Testing ink

The testing ink (ISO 8296) consists of liquids with a defined surface tension that are supplied in bottles. Standard range is between 28 and 56 mN/m.
  •  ● Colour: blue
  •  ● Application: simply paint on
  •  ● Quick measurement at high accuracy
  •  ● Easily legible even on rough or dark material

Testing pens

The testing pens contain liquids with a defined surface tension. Sets range from 30 to 44 mN/m or 38 to 44 mN/m.
  •  ● Colour: pink
  •  ● Application: simply apply
  •  ● Quick measurement at high accuracy
  •  ● Small amount of testing liquid used
  •  ● Spilling is impossible

Quicktest 38

Provides a general indication whether a surface is treated or not. Indicated value approx. 38 mN/m.
  •  ● Easily legible, bright red colour
  •  ● Application: simply apply
  •  ● Ideal for quick sample tests on polyolefins
  •  ● Dries in seconds, permanent indication of test result
  •  ● Do not use Quicktest 38 on materials that are sensitive to solvents (PVC, PS)
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