With more than 35 years of experience and as the only manufacturer of all three methods of physical treatment under atmospheric pressure (Corona, Plasma, Flame) Arcotec GmbH continues its success. The more than 15,000 Arcotec treatment units in use world-wide are an attribute to our continued high quality and our unique know-how in the field of surface pre-treatment.


Introduction of the atmospheric plasma unit (Arcospot®), which emits a high-energy spark discharge. Through the introduction of atmospheric plasma units the market particularly for materials that are difficult to treat at high passing speeds was opened up.


A further physical treatment principle, the “flame treatment”, was introduced.


The company Arcotec GmbH is founded.

pre-treatment plants


Development and application of the first Plasma unit world-wide with freely radiating electrodes (Arcojet) for the treatment of moulded plastic components; this unit operates by way of an electric plasma.

pre-treatment plants


The manufacture of pre-treatment equipment based upon high-frequency Corona started in 1975.

pre-treatment plants


Fritz Bless established an independent sales agency in 1974