FTM Manual Flame Treatment


The FTM is preferred for the manual treatment of moulded plastic and metal components. Sheets and film can also be treated. The unit is ideal for testing operations (laboratory), and is also very good for use in short-run productions, as a standby unit and for repair work.

• Mobile gas control unit (assembled on wheels)
• Flexible mixture hose to the burner with handle
• Piezo ignition / safety button on handle
• Power is set by way of push buttons
• Power setting is reproducible
• Constant gas/air mixture ratio independent from power

Technical data

Power supply:230 V, 50/60 Hz , 700 VA
Treatment width (max): Standard 100 mm / max. 200 mm
Standard hose length:3,0 m Standard
Equipment dimensions (W x D x H):550 x 525 x 600
Weight: 30 kg

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